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Apr. 8, 2016 NEW!

For Monte therapist Professional School Alumni There is a notice in the case of follow course.
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Nov. 5, 2015

The Monte Therapie course course is subject to a career up formation promotion grant. (There are courses that can not be applied * 1 part.)

For detailed contents of the grant, please see the subsidy contents of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 's website "Career formation promotion grant" or contact your nearest social insurance labor.

Jul. 7, 2014

I updated "Monte Therapie Course Guide course" page.
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Jan. 8, 2013

I updated "Monte Therapie Course Guide course" page.
At 2013 CIDESCO World Conference (Wuhan, China) Mr. Pamela Adkins, Sidesco Nippon Director, presented Monte Therapie Therapie.
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In opening the Monte Therapist Professional School

Monte TherapieTreatment started in 2002.
The know-how to bring out "results" accumulated up to now, the things that we could not tell within the limited time, the skills we have been building with our customers, to ensure that we can convey a lot of people, school I formed a curriculum. We hope that all customers and stuff members will find their possibilities and happiness through Monter therapie.

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